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    Hicks' Feeds 1300 At ARK Game & Fish
    Hicks' Feeds 1300 At ARK Game & Fish
    Little Rock, AR - Darrell Hicks and his team of Cajun Cookers found themselves in Little Rock AR this past week to continue the tradition of great food for the Arkansas Game and Fish. With over 1,300 guests expected, the Cajun Cookers' Team had their work cut out for them and a complete plan was designed by Darrell "Big-Un" Hicks keep everything smooth.

    The team prepared over 1,540 Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs with over 410 slabs of those great Cajun BBQ Ribs. This menu was completed with baked beans, slaw, potato salad, cookies and a hot roll.

    The Cajun Cookers continued to amaze the crowd with the incredible food and efficiency. The 1,300 guests were able to completely pass through the banquet style lines in less than 40 minutes.

    "I'm really proud of this event as we have been able to serve this group for over 20 years," commented Darrell "Big-Un" Hicks. "The cooking team was made up of 16 Senior Citizens."

    Cajun Cookers continue to provide excellent corporate and group meals for events throughout the Midwest. Be sure to contact Darrell for your next event.