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    Fun Pics of Cajun Cookers Fans from Columbia MO
    images/Rib Eater Block 2.jpgA recent group of pictures were shared with the Cajun Cookers team of the Mike Block Family in Columbia Missouri busy eating some great Hicks' World Champion Smoked Meats.

    Members of the Cajun Cookers BBQ Team were in Columbia for a corporate catering job with Cornerstone Insurance Company. Cornerstone management and directors seized the opportunity to show a staff appreciation dinner for the hard work and dedication their team members have shown over the past several years. Nothing better than Hick's World Champion Smoked Meats.

    The group was treated to a full lineup of products from the cooking team of Alan Hedrick and Dallas Buchanan. BBQ Ribs, Center Cut Boneless Loin, Maple Flavored Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs, Cajun BBQ Shrimp with all the trimmings were served to the group. There was even appetizers of the famous Dallas Buchanan's Bacon Explosion.

     images/CCS Rib Eaters Block3.jpgAt the end of the evening, there were a few leftovers that were sent home with some of the leaders. Mike Block was able to share a few sides of ribs with his children and from the look on their faces, it's pretty easy to tell that they loved every single rib.

    It was a great event and the next one is already being planned. Contact Darrell Hicks and the Cajun Cookers team to bring a new twist of excitement to your next corporate event. You will be remembered for a long time for setting this one up.